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Plastic Designer is the new generation of plastic surgery
software from NauSoft.

Our plastic surgery imaging software allows physicians to work with a computer-based solution specifically to the needs of their practice. With the help of State-of-the-Art real time morphing algorithms, wide range of art tools (wrinkle smoother, skin pigment sprayer, sculpt builder and others) and multilevel undo functions, a physician can easily produce image modification in minimal time.

plastic surgery imaging software
plastic surgery makeover software

Plastic Designer plastic surgery makeover software provides:

  • Aesthetic Imaging and Post-Operation outcome modeling
  • laser resurfacing
  • Cosmetic surgery simulation
  • 3 powerful morphing algorithms
  • Automatic modeling for rhinoplasty
  • Pre-Operation Analysis
  • Aautomatically measures the main lengths, proportions and angles for Nasofacial operations
  • Manual measurements are available
  • Data Table shows the current dimensions, the individual norm and the difference
  • Operative Planning
  • Assessment list
  • Pre-Op list
  • Medical Documentation
  • Medical Images processing and archiving
  • Slides Presentation
cosmetic surgery software
virtual plastic surgery software

No computer experts are needed to set up NauSoft Plastic Designer software for plastic surgery or a entire Imaging Computer System.
All our products are easy to use, with a step-by-step manual, and a comprehensive on-line Help System.
Also, we offer free technical and operational support by phone or e-mail for the first year.

With one key stroke you can simulate all the realities you need!

Download the virtual plastic surgery software user's manual PDF file (5.0 MB)

Plastic Designer virtual plastic surgery software - $1,395.00

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